Kaduna State Government Broker Peace With Journalists, Solicit Media Support


By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – Kaduna State Government has moved to broker peace with Journalists in the state, soliciting their support to ensure a good working relationship.
The Counselor of Information and Communication Strategy to the Governor, Honourable Saidu Adamu, stated this during an interactive session with newsmen in Kaduna on Thursday, July 12, 2018.
The Counselor said that there can never be a better time for government to be closer to real Journalists than now, knowing full well that technology has made everyone to become Journalists.
According to him, once a person has an Android phone with a little data sometimes given free to us, one can post whatever he/she wants to communicate to millions of people and before one knows it violence has erupted.
“Governor El-Rufai is learning, he is bound to make mistakes and through that we make amendment and that is what is happening in Kaduna State and Nigeria.

“It is normal to have issues among ourselves especially in a state and when amendment is made, that is the only way the state will grow.

“It is very important that we collaborate with you journalists and that is why l have come to interact with you and also appeal to you that l want you to be part of us. What has happened has happened.

“I want to chart a new course with you, a new role and to work in collaboration with you. I want you to assist us because we need you more than you need us. We should chart a new way of how you will promote the activities of the state government. We will continue going round with you to see what the governor is doing.

“It is natural for us to make mistake. If you don’t make mistake then you are not a human being. If leaders don’t make mistake then there is a problem in the country for they are trying to play God and it is only God that doesn’t make mistakes. But if someone made mistakes and realizes that he has made a mistake and is making effort to amend, I think that is what leadership is all about.

“We know we have a lot of challenges in the state, we will not allow it until something happen before going to the press, we should try to work together.

“Malam Nasiru El-Rufai is a human being like any other person, so he can make mistakes. I am here to appeal to you to ask you to be a little bit patience with the government and to work with you to project the activities of this government.

“I see you as important hands needed to move the state forward. Malam Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai has his left and right and so we should join hands together to move the state forward,” he said.


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