NGO unveils Solar Oven to Curb Environmental Pollution 




By: Idara Philips

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – A NGO, Developmental Association of Renewable Energies, (DARE), on Tuesday unveiled it first Solar Oven in form of briefcase for the baking industry and household use to curb environmental pollutions in the country.

Director of DARE, Engineer Yahaya Ahmed, said at the unveiling of the new technology in Kaduna that it will help reduce environmental pollutions, save trees from extinctions and invariably global warming.

Speaking to journalists who visited the office at Yalwa Village along Kaduna – Zaria road, Engr Ahmed said what ever form of foodstuffs is placed inside the solar brief-case oven is ready within 45 to 50minutes as a result of heat absorption from the sun.

“The solar oven works through converting light energy to heat energy, and that enabled the solar brief-case cook what ever is inside the oven within short time for family consumption.

“It must be turned towards the sun and left until the food is cooked. Turn the oven to face the sun more precisely and to ensure that shadows from nearby buildings or plants have not blocked the sunlight.

“This is the first time we bring the technology in Nigeria, and our goal is to train more rural and urban women on it uses to save our forestry from going into extinction due to high demands for firewood and charcoal,” he said.


The DARE Director said that northern Nigeria is highly blessed with sunlight, and there is need to educate the citizenry to embrace solar oven for domestic use; urging local bakers to key into this new technology, in order to reduce use of firewood in their business activities.

He stressed that depleting the Forests through falling of trees for firewood is one of the contributing factors triggering climate change, desertification and other ecological challenges affecting the environment on daily basis.

A user of the Solar Oven, Mrs Ruth Timothy, said the technology has halted her expenses on cooking gas, charcoals and firewood. She urge other rural women to fully embraced it

Corroborating Engineer Ahmed, the Assistant Director of African Climate Reporters, Dr Piman Hoffman, said Solar ovens harnesses the sun’s energy to cook food, making it the easiest way without causing any environmental problems.

“You don’t have to use gas or electricity for meals, cause this saves money and its better for the environment.”

He said the traditional bakeries contribute daily to the increased global warming which inturn triggers climate change; saying it is because they still practice the old method of using firewood for their activities.

Hoffman stressed the need for the master bakers to embraced modern methods of doing their business using electricity or solar power.


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