How Lockdown Impacts Global Emissions Positively  – Expert

By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – An Environmentalist, Gloria Bulus, has said the current lockdown ocassioned by the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted on global emissions positively.
Bulus, the founder of Bridge-that-Gap Initiative, an environmental Non-Governmental Organization, stated this during a group conversation tagged: “How has Covid-19 Lockdown Impacted Global Emissions”, at #diplomaticChatHour on News Embassy World Platform on Wednesday.
Bulus said the lockdown has seriously reduced daily human activities because streets are now empty, factories are closed, cars are parked and virtually most human activities are at a halt.
She said global emissions which refer to Greenhouse gases emmissions contributes to global warming, and carbon dioxide makes up 64 per cent of Greenhouse gases produced from some human activities.
She explained that climate change and Covid-19 have something in common as both are global issues, having devastating effects that recovery will be tough or might never happen, both require all hands on deck to tackle it, have devastating effect on the economy and health thereby affecting livelihoods.
The Environmentalist said the Covid-19 lockdown to some experts is worth celebrating, and so they are signing the hallelujah song because environmentalists, scientists and activists have long been warning humans to slow down on some of their activities and move to eco-friendly practises
According to her, for long climate advocates/activists have been campaigning and pushing for a change in our lifestyles to a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle which only few people are adhering to.
She noted that if people live a sustainable lifestyle it is achievable, such as migrate to renewable energy, climate smart agriculture, tree planting, proper waste management, preservation and conservation of biodiversity, general environmental protection and much more.
The expert said climate change also contribute to global pandemics, hence, at times some diseases comes along with climate change.
“Like when we have extreme temperature that is when meningitis and some diseases strive well under those conditions.
“Some of our wastes pollutions are breeding grounds for vectors and that’s when malaria, cholera, and typhoid are on the increase. So as climate changes, our ecosystem changes, and it provides breeding grounds for these vectors.
“This effects have led to changes in the ecosystem, biodiversity extinction, decline in crop production leading to food loss and insecurity.
“Scientists have warned that more pandemic will come up especially as glaciers ice is melting (which is one of the impact of climate change) more diseases will emerge,” she said.
Responding to a participant’s question on whether the lockdown should be extended to last for a year to heal the earth, Bulus said the earth can still be healthy and people still have their daily activities if only we could cut down on some of our lifestyles that are harmful to the environment.
The expert however said, although the lockdown might stop further damages to the environment, but the previous damages will take a long while to heal.
She called for increased awareness on the necessity of reducing carbon footprint in the atmosphere and as well curbing a host of other environmental anomalies.


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