SOKAPU Laments Incessant Attacks On Southern Kaduna Communities

By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, (SOKAPU), has lamented the incessant invasions and massacres in communities in the area, saying it is fast assuming a genocidal proportion.
President of the Union, Hon Jonathan Asake, made the assertion during a press conference held in kaduna on May 15, 2020
According to him, despite the current lockdown caused by Covid-19 pandemic, communities are being invaded on a daily basis and chased out into other communities as Internally Displaced Persons, (IDPs), only for a short period before the host communities are also invaded and further displaced.
He added that this incessant invasions have unleashed untold hardship on survivors who can no longer go to their farms or harvest their produce, with their children perpetually out of school even before the lockdown.
“The rate at which invasions are taking place across Southern Kaduna communities and the attendant displacement has assumed a dimension that will culminate into the wiping out of our communities if there is no intervention.
“The ongoing attacks on our communities point to the fact that there is a deliberate ethnic cleansing ripping across Southern Kaduna which the authorities have turned a blind eye to,” he said
Asake said that the undefended Communities in Kajuru Local Government Area, (LGA), of the state in the last 48 hours have lost 27 lives while the injured have been taken to various medical facilities for attention.
He explained that on Monday May 11, 2020, Gonar Rogo, another defenceless community in Kajuru LGA, came under assault from Fulani Herdsmen Militia.
“The following day, the attackers extended their murderous expedition to Bakin Kogi where residents had fled the town.
“They burnt down the town and launched another assault on another village, Idanu. In the early hours of Wednesday, the murderous gang of terrorists moved to Makyali where several persons were killed. In Agwala village, an old lady was mercilessly hacked to death.
“We are, therefore, very pained and shocked at the reaction of the Presidency that asserted that these unprovoked attacks were reprisals and revenge.
“We are extremely disappointed that Sen. Uba Sani, who is the Senator representing Kaduna Central, should describe these attacks as revenge because he should know the truth. Could it be that the Presidency and Sen. Uba Sani know what we don’t know?”
SOKAPU  urged  Kaduna State Government to as a matter of urgency and necessity, cater for the welfare of IDPs,  of sacked communities and resettle them and provide  them with security.
“We call on the Kaduna State Government to take responsibility and provide leadership without bias.
“Our communities should be empowered to secure our communities, in collaboration with relevant security agencies.
“Those communities that have been sacked, government should, as a matter of urgency and necessity, cater for the welfare of internally displaced persons, resettle them and provide them with security
“We call on men and women of good conscience, Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil Society groups, faith-based organisations and the International Community to come to our rescue by beaming their searchlight on the ethnic cleansing taking place in Southern Kaduna,” Asake said.


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