Conspiracy or coincidence! Ramadan blackout in Maiduguri


It is disheartening to note that for the past 5 years or more there has been consistent blackout in many parts of Maiduguri during Ramadan.

Light in most areas of Maiduguri and Jere are rationed, some areas will have uninterrupted power supply while others were left for days or even weeks in darkness.

I have heard several people complain, particularly, those of us from a low income communities. From what I understand and what people say. There has been raising concern of an alleged foul play by some unpatriotic officials of Yola Electricity Distribution Company (YEDC).

As I write now, my community of Old Maiduguri has been in darkness for the past 3 days, part of the city that are connected to the national grid that have constant supply, we have observed are either high income communities or areas dominated by ice block producers.

It’s alleged that, ice block producers who wants to make much money are also behind this conspiracy, paying huge amounts of money to the officials of YEDC depriving other communities of light, in order to inflate the price of an ice block.

I have personally visited Kofa biyu business unit, after a call to a phone number provided by YEDC on their social media platform, unfortunately they could not pay the required attention to the complain I have lodged.

I am saddened this is happening despite years of crazy estimated billings.

I am writing this with hope that the management of Yola Electricity Distribution Company in charge of electricity supply in Borno will act quickly before things get out of hand.


Transmission Company Of Nigeria (TCN)
National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)

Abdurrahman Ahmed Bundi
Writes from Old Maiduguri, Borno State.


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