Adamawa Youth Leader Says Covid-19 Is Grinding Global Economy to Halt


By: Our Correspondent

YOLA, North-East, Nigeria – With the biting effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on global economy, the Youth Leader of Lamido Adama Emirate, Barrister Aliyu Wakili Boya, has reiterated the need for prayers as the only remedy.

According to him, the world is under siege on account of Coronavirus and it has placed countries on lock down, ushering a period of anxiety, uncertainty, and helplessness for many nations and families.

Boya, in a statement made available to the media in Yola on Wednesday, said it is worrisome that the virus is spreading like wild fire and the number of casualties is increasing by the day with triple increase of many being infected in Nigeria.

“Over 15,000 people had lost their lives to the virus. We are directly affected by the impact of the virus on the global economy that is grinding towards a halt.

“The threats of possible COVID-19 cases in Nigeria presently have risen to over 40 cases now and still looms high.

“Afterall, our neighbours are all dealing with confirmed cases of the virus, rendering us surrounded and vulnerable to invasion by Corona.

“Government must realise that behind the COVID-19 health scare, looms a bigger economic crisis that could disrupt the lives of many. Some commentators have speculated that COVID-19 will kill more businesses than humans.

“We need to have a robust and comprehensive plan to help businesses, families and individuals to withstand the financial aftershock of the COVID-19 nightmare

“The virus has had a devastating impact on some of the worlds best health care systems. It is in our interest as a country to be on high alert to minimise possibilities of the virus infecting our populace.

“Should the virus find its way into our borders, it should find a nation ready and united to deny it any opportunity of spreading. As it is done in other countries, leaving a trail of dead bodies and anguish,” he said.

Boya enjoined the Nigerian youth to commit themselves to prayers and play their patriotic role in making sure that the Nation is ready and united to defeat the pandemic.

“To this end, we call on all Nigerians to strictly comply with all the medical advice and interventions that have been proposed by government to prevent possible infection.

“We commend the decision by the President to take charge of the coordination of all activities related to preventive measures and the rapid respond. We welcome the decision by government to order the closure of all learning institutions.

“Though this is a major disruption to the education sector, the inconvenience is dwarfed by the risk of having learners congregate in large numbers at schools daily.

“Let’s pray and pray without ceasing to God through His magnanimous Mercy to send away the plague crunching on the economics life of the world,” he added.


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