UNICEF Engages Kwara Govt. On Intervention Programmes For Children


By: Our Correspondent

ILORIN, North-Central, Nigeria – The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), has disclosed its intention to engage the Kwara State Government on necessary intervention programmes for children in the state.

Chief of Field Office, UNICEF, Kaduna, Dr. Zakari Adam said on Monday during the discussions and review of various policies on children welfare in Kwara State.

Dr. Adam explained that all the discussions and presentations from various ministries in the state, had afforded UNICEF a better understanding of the programme related to children’s rights.

“With the knowledge on ground, UNICEF will fine-tune the programme and the secretariat will collate the presentations and group them together to come up with reports on how to continue,” he said.

He explained that there would be need for engagement and agreement on the interventions programmes through meetings, which would ensure minimum package of intervention, pointing out that there would also be a media review for all states under UNICEF, Kaduna.

According to him, the mid-year review will come up around July, which will help to identify areas that cannot be pushed aside.

The State Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, Mr. Oladapo Samuel, expressed optimism on the positive outcome of the meetings.

“It is good that UNICEF is returning back to the state.  The organization is ‘frank and honest’, and has made us to realize that it is not the messiah, as it equally has challenges; but that it’s here to assist and support,” he said.

While the state Ministry of Health identified challenges of poor attitude of health workers and poorly funded social mobilization activities; the various presentations from other ministries complained of paucity of funds and inadequate training of health workers in the state.




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