World Water Day 2019: Expert commends FG For Provision Of Good Water, Sanitation In Nigeria



By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The Acting Executive Director, National Water Resources Institute, (NWRI), Kaduna, Dr. Martin Eduvie, has commended the Federal Government for provision of good water and sanitation for citizens, saying the country has moved forward from where it used to be.

He stated this while fielding questions from newsmen at a local celebration organized by the Institute to mark this year’s World Water Day.

He said that it is not yet Uhuru for Nigeria in terms of provision of good water and sanitation but the efforts of the Government is commendable. He however said there were still lots of challenges facing good water supply in the country.

According to him, natural challenges like flooding, drought and climate change have also affected one way or the other, including the lukewarm attitudes of Nigerians towards government facilities entrusted into their care in communities.

The Acting Executive Director of NWRI, said that the problem in Nigeria is that people want government to do everything for them which is not possible as there are other pressing issues government needed to attend to, and called for attitudinal change.

“It is very painful that government for an example will sink a borehole facility running into millions of naira, then the benefiting community after using it for one or two days can’t task themselves to purchase diesel to power the generating set, instead allowed the facility to rot away. This is very sad.

“Government can provide these facilities, but it is also the responsibility of citizens to ensure the sustenability of such facility. That means whatever it takes to maintain, protect and ensure sustainability of such facility by citizens is their social responsibility to the nation.

“Let’s change our attitude towards this idea of government property is not mine. We need to take government facilities as our own and by so doing this will help the government make equitable distribution of infrastructure to other sectors,” he emphasized.

Speaking further, Dr.  Eduvie said that looking at the various policies put in place by government to provide good water and sanitation to the people, he called on policy implementers like water boards who supplies water to both urban and rural areas, and other various sanitation agencies, local government councils even to the communities to play it’s own role, and make judicious use of the little funds allocated for the purpose to ensure good water is provided for the people.

“All what government is doing is to make sure that everything pertaing to provision of good water and sanitation are made available  in the right quality and quantity for the citizens to ensure good health instead of spending money in hospital.

“While we can’t say we have arrived in terms of provision of good water and sanitation in the country, but at least Nigeria has moved forward from where it used to be.”

The World Water Day is celebrated annually to find a way of tackling water crisis worldwide.


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