Forum salutes Tinubu on his one year in office 

By: Mayen Etim
KANO, North-West Nigeria – The N-Power Beneficiaries Forum wishes President Bola Tinubu well on his one year in office, and pushes for the appointment of Dr. Halimat Adenike Tejuosho as Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.
The Forum in a press conference held in Kano on Tuesday, extended warm congratulations to President Tinubu on his one year in office.
Addressing the gathering,  Chairman of the Kano State chapter of the forum, Nazifi Muhammed Abubakar, said as beneficiaries dedicated to advocating for the rights and well-being of its members and the less privileged, the forum acknowledged the efforts and strides made by the administration in addressing various societal issues.
In light of this milestone, the forum respectfully urges President Tinubu to consider the appointment of Dr. Halimat Tejuosho as the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.
According to the Forum, Dr. Halimat Tejuosho’s unwavering commitment and support to the N-Power beneficiaries and the less privileged in Nigeria have been exemplary, making her an ideal candidate for this crucial role.
Abubakar, however said it is also worthy to inform Mr. President that Tejuosho has been giving money from her pocket to assist people especially those with disabilities, youth, and the less privileged ones.
“We the Kano State youth, we assure you when Dr. Tejuosho is appointed as minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation the APC government will win not only presidential seat but also gubernatorial seat in the forthcoming election in 2027.
“Our appeal to you sir, is to consider our request to appoint Dr. Halimat Tejuosho as minister for her indefatigable assistance and serious commitment towards the development of humanity.
“We, the N-Power beneficiaries Kano State chapter wrote a strong worded letter to the Kano State governor and requested him to turn all the N-Power beneficiaries to permanent and pensionable workers in the state and the governor refused.  He added by saying that the beneficiaries belong to the APC government and they should go to Tinubu and seek for a permanent and pensionable appointment. At this juncture Dr. Adenike Tejuosho listen to our cries and our voices from different social media and assured us we should worry not, the APC government will do the needful so far she is appointed as the minister of Humanitarian Affairs and poverty Alleviation.
A cross section of the N-Power Beneficiaries during the press conference.
“Furthermore, here in Kano State, Dr. Adenike Tejuosho, had offered scholarship to many students from different fields of study like sciences, Arts and humanities, engineering and other health related courses. The beneficiaries includes:
“Usman Muhammad Abubakar,
Abdulyassar Bashir Idris,
Abdulrahman Al Hassan Haruna,
Ibrahim Ado shehu, Mu’allim Ashiru sani, Zakariyya Adam Muhammad,
Almustapha Adam yahaya.
“Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim,
Bello mukhtar Muhammad, Musa Adam Rabi’u, Abdullahi Nura Muhammad, Muhammad Musa Muhammad, Aliyu Ado Garba, Aliyu Muhammad Abubakar, and Jazuli sulaiman isma’il.
“We really appreciate her tireless commitment towards the building of humanity. Dr. Halimat has consistently demonstrated her dedication to improving the lives of youth and marginalized communities through her advocacy, initiatives, and programmes.
“Her expertise, compassion, and extensive experience in humanitarian work uniquely position her to lead efforts aimed at alleviating poverty and addressing the needs of vulnerable populations across the country.
“The forum emphasized that this request is unprecedented, underscoring the critical importance of having a leader who understands and prioritized the challenges faced by the youth and marginalized groups. Dr. Tejuosho’s appointment would not only be a significant step towards inclusivity and empowerment, but, also a testament to President Tinubu’s commitment to fostering positive change and social justice.
“We express our sincere hope that Mr. President will give due consideration to this request and take into account the aspirations of the N-Power beneficiaries as he continue to steer the nation towards progress and prosperity,” the Forum appealed.


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