NGO leaves Kano amidst Governor’s directive against LGBTQ advocacy

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KANO, North-West, Nigeria – A Non-Governmental Organization, Women Initiative for Sustainable Empowerment and Equality (WISE), promoting LGBTQ rights in Kano, has abruptly left the state following Governor Yusuf’s order to crack down on its activities.

A source closed to the group who spoke to Prime Time News on condition of anonymity: “Yes, they left Kano following the governor’s directive and have even closed their sites,” the source confirmed.

Governor Yusuf declared that his administration would not tolerate any groups advocating for LGBTQ’s rights in the state.

The governor’s directive came after a report by Kano Times on WISE’s alleged promotion of same-sex marriage activities in the state.

State Commissioner for Information, Baba Halilu Dantiye said, “The State Government will reject any agreement that supports the activities of homosexuals, citing their conflict with Kano’s cultural norms and ethical standards.”

He further revealed that the governor has instructed the Hisbah Board to take strong action against organizations advocating for LGBTQ’s rights in the state.

Another source close to WISE revealed that the group had been targeting young people, especially girls, and that some pictures showed them distributing reading materials to public schools under the guise of promoting gender equality, but secretly advocating for LGBTQ’s rights.

(KANO Times(


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