Sabi’u Mahuta: Embodiment of humility, humane lifestyle

By: Mohammad Lawal Maikudi
The ability to relate well with people you come across is a signpost to success and prosperity in life.
To share what you have with others, whether joy or sorrow is an element of humanity that makes man a better social being.
Our needs, as human beings include our safety. That is the desire to protect, preserve our lives, and avoid anything that threatens our lives and livelihoods.
Then we look for food and drinks to enable us walk and work to avoid death or injury and other discomforting circumstances.
Shelter is, of course, a component of human needs. It guards him against natural and unnatural predicaments such as heavy rains, dangerous winds, scolding sun, cold and attacks from fellow human beings and other animals that may have the capacity to endanger his life.
Societies and nations are built through collective efforts amongst members where the strong give protection to the weak, the educated educate the uneducated, the rich support the poor and vulnerable in the society.
The support comes in different ways and means, sometimes direct and indirect in some cases. It could be through the provision of job opportunity, direct assistance for underprivileged children to go to school, those with health challenges, etc.
Another contribution is the participation in community activities, including religious and political activities to ensure the security and well being of the community.
Alhaji Sabi’u Sa’idu Mahuta has remain a pillar in his community, Mahuta Danranko of Daneji District of Kafur Local Government of Katsina State, Northwest Nigeria.
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When the food crises went hard in Nigeria, and many could not afford to buy what to eat, Mahuta purchased 1,800 bags of 100 kilogram maize and distributed it to vulnerable households in Kafur and Malumfashi Local Government areas.
The grains were distributed through the District heads, village heads and ward heads through the districts of the two local governments.
During the 2024 Ramadan period, Mahuta purchased 1,200 bags of 50kg rice to assist the needy in the two LGAs. The same distribution pattern was used in sharing the commodity.
Alhaji Kabir Mo’azu who coordinated the sharing of the commodities expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the beneficiaries and and those involved in the sharing process.
Alhaji Yunusa Dan Indo, a resident of Mahuta Danranko was full of praises for Alhaji Mahuta for his philanthropic gesture towards his community and prayed to Allah to pay him with highest reward. He also enjoined other wealthy persons to emulate him.
From Malumfashi, Alhaji Nura Lawal Chindo, said the philanthropic gesture of Alhaji Sabi’u Mahuta has touched numerous persons especially the needy over time and prayed to Allah to continue to guide and guard him.
It was in recognition of his  humanitarian tracks the two District heads in Kafur Local Government, the Daneji Katsina, the District Head of Mahuta turbaned him Sardauna while Dangaladiman Katsina, District Head of Kafur turbaned him Danmasanin Kafur.
On his part, the Galadiman Katsina, District Head of Malumfashi turbaned him as Barden Gabas.
In political activities, Alhaji Mahuta join hands with other stakeholders in Kafur and Malumfashi LGAs to ensure the establishment of politics of development and social inclusivity.
By virtue of his humility, humane and courageous  approach to life, Sabi’u Mahuta has become a mentor, a shining example for others to copy


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