MNA laments poor state of healthcare system in Nigeria

 By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West Nigeria – The Nigerian Medical Association, (NMA), has frowned at the poorly regulated and weak healthcare system in the country.
The lamentation followed a decent video making the rounds on social media, depicting complications from a surgery purportedly carried out at a government health facility.
The Kaduna state branch of the association explained that successive governments of the State have failed to take appropriate action on similar allegations of quackery and negligence perpetrated by health professionals in both public and private health facilities in the state.
Speaking at the weekend during a press conference, Chairman of the association, Dr. Madaki Sheyin, however, said the regulatory role of Government has been weak, thereby allowing health professionals to carry out procedures well beyond the scope of their training and certification.
While addressing the press, Dr
 Sheyin noted that there has been little or no punishment meted on erring personnel and facilities to serve as deterrent to others by the government.
Meanwhile, the NMA advised government and other stakeholders at all levels to intensify sensitization and education of the general public on patient’s right and the different composition of the health personnel in both private and public facilities.
The association equally recommended that the Ministry of Health should immediately issue a statewide circular clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of all cadre of health workers in the state and their boundaries with a stern warning to sanction those found wanting.
In its eight points recommendations, NMA opined that government should immediately recruit Human Resource for health in adequate numbers and in the right skill mix, and to implement the 2023 CONMESS salary scale to help attract the required number needed in the right skill mix.
This is just as NMA further recommended that state and local governments should prioritized the health and well-being of all citizens by ensuring a strong and robust healthcare system in the country.
While noting that some doctors have in one way or the other, knowingly or unknowingly enhanced and emboldened medical quacks, thereby causing serious harm and injury to the unsuspecting general public.


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