Why Zamfara Governor, Lawal, sails above predecessor’s malice

By: Tom Garba
Recently, in Zamfara State, I have seen what is better described as chasing shadows, ostensibly in self-defence by the immediate past governor and Minister of State for Defence, Bello Mutawalle, through his collaborators and pundits who, years ago, helped to rock the Zamfara economy by aiding and abetting bandits pillaging the solid minerals endowment of the state.
Some weeks ago these “bad belle” detractors launched needless and reckless attacks on the character and reputation of Dr Dauda Lawal, the incumbent governor whom Zamfara voters overwhelmingly  accepted and rejected Mutawalle’s bid for re-election. Why won’t the return bid fail when he failed woefully to deliver on promises while his tenure lasted?
The subversive actions of the junior  minister clearly shows him to be on a mission to collapse Zamfara State and cover up the atrocious records of his cohorts who have squandered state funds on bandits by legalising and commercialising their activities.
Mutawalle’s four years of failure earned him the disrepute of the worst governor-in-performance since the state was created in 1996 and the history of Northern Nigeria. During his tenure nothing was seen working well and the state was on the pages of newspapers for bad reasons. It made headlines because of the nefarious activities of bandits. Physical infrastructure, performing indices of development, and per capita income of citizens were zero.
Mutawalle’s rejection at the polls is a blessing and the wisest decision the people of Zamfara have ever taken. They now have a man with the Midas touch in Governor Lawal. Now, he is systematically clipping the wings of the bandits. He is the solution provider and the headway for the Zamfara rescue.
The voter rejection of Mutawalle and the acceptance of Dr Lawal are boldfaced realities that Mutawalle and co and his collaborators are still unable not come to terms with.
Mutawalle’s sponsoring of syndicated media attacks on Governor Lawa is nothing but accumulated grievances and envy arising from Dauda booting him out of power.
He was useless as governor. The people then chased him down to avert a situation generated by desperation and unbridled ambition garbed in recklessness, lawlessness, impunity, and unproductiveness.
His resolve in throwing tantrums because of his sullen records in the gubernatorial saddle, being unveiled, is making him sorely afraid. He uses the total occupation of the media space (mainstream and the social variant) in defence of his inept, erstwhile government. Unfortunately, all they professed in the media against Dr Lawal are conjectures, half-truths, and opinions from the opposition.
There is no objective analysis of the government which is less than a year in office. Critics of the governor may be lost in a desert and just going in circles without an oasis in sight, it is a mirage, trying to cast Governor Lawal down. All the same, thanks to all critics, their uncoordinated attacks are nothing but gasoline in the flame of the incumbent.
An Hausa adage says, “Hassada ga Mai rabo taki che,” meaning a good man’s enemies are his propellers to greatness. This is what I see of Governor Lawal and his organised enemies.
It’s a sacred fact that former Governor Mutawalle was giving money to bandits. The Pandora’s box opened by Hon Abdulmalik Gajam, the Zamfara Commissioner for Economy and Planning, has frustrated the former Governor who ended up hiring attack dogs to defend the obvious shoddy deals of his failed government.
I thought Mutawalle’s leadership pervasion would end up seeking the mercy of God for ruining the state with his style of leadership, asking the people of Zamfara State to forgive him of any infractions caused during his tenure.
Unfortunately, I see a man high on power Viagra. It’s sad to see the cookies crumble this way and this late anyway.
I see Governor Lawal’s enemies to have embarked on a political journey of no return. They are on endless errands, more of fetching water with a basket to water the ground.
The prowling of the media space by his lackeys and loyalists was pre-planned as a condition precedent to muddying the dirty waters because of the current position he occupied as one of the country’s security stakeholders. A man who was allegedly sponsoring killers as bandits with state funds. His actions were indeed senseless and no sensible person with a sound mind can do that.
My honest advice to those fanning embers of war in Zamfara should end it now because the shedder of blood will soon see the wrath of God. No wicked soul shall go unpunished. The soul that sins shall certainly perish because the blood of the innocent is crying daily for vengeance.
Finally, the Honourable Minister State should use his good offices to usher in peace, not only in Zamfara but also the whole of Nigeria. I pray Mutawalle sees the that it’s Dauda’s time, God has willed it and his rejection is equally the will of God.
Mr Garba, FICM, FBMC, SPSP,  from Abuja, Nigeria.
He can be reached via the following channels: 08030525759, 08172570959, and tomgarba5@gmail.com


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