WPD: NGOs take peace messages to IDPs in Maraban Rido, ahead celebrations

By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The Network of Peace Journalists (NPJ); Eko Smile Support & Empowerment Initiative, (ESSEI), in collaboration with Interfaith Mediation Center, (IMC), on Saturday, September 16, organized series of events that ignited the spirits of young minds ahead the World Peace Day, (WPD) celebrations in Kaduna state.
This is as the world anticipates the WPD on September 21, 2023. From Sept. 16,  several Non-Governmental Organizations in Kaduna have embarked on a week-long journey to nurture hope and enlightenment among the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).
One of the highlights of the initiative was a captivating reading and writing competition designed exclusively for IDP teenagers. This competition was crafted with the intention of sowing the seeds of literacy and fostering a culture of peace among the displaced youth.
National President, Network of Peace Journalists, (NPJ), Mr. Ibrahima Yakubu, in an impassioned statement underscored the significance of this endeavor, emphasizing the importance of instilling peace education into the young minds inhabiting the IDP camp.
His words resonated at the Maraban Rido IDPs camp, in  Chikum Local Government of Kaduna state.
In a heartwarming gesture, Yabubu, delivered an array of study materials and educational tools to the eager children. These resources were not merely symbols but practical instruments to strengthen and bolster their educational journey.
The vision of peace education is to kindle the flames of forgiveness and religious tolerance among these budding minds. It goes beyond imparting knowledge about a culture of peace; but equip the children with the skills and attitudes necessary to defuse conflicts, recognize potential discord, and actively promote a culture of peace and non-violence.
The essence of peace education lies in its mission to counter the assumption that violence is innate to human nature. It strives to arm students with the capacity to resolve conflicts through dialogue and understanding rather than resorting to violence.
A Call to Embrace Peace Week 2023
Let Peace Week 2023 serve as a catalyst for positive change, an occasion to celebrate the accomplishments of the past four decades, and a time to renew our commitment to constructing a harmonious future.
Through collective collaboration, open dialogue, and compassionate action, we can shape a world where peace thrives, and humanity flourishes. Together, we possess the power to rewrite history, leaving behind a legacy of enduring peace for generations to come.
Peace Week 2023 resonates with the harmonious voices of peace worldwide, uniting diverse peace events that span the month of September. This collaborative effort brings together international organizations, grassroots leaders, and global networks, magnifying the impact of their collective actions. Now is the moment for extraordinary efforts as we stand united, affirming that together, we are the architects of a lasting global culture of peace.
Within the canvas of Peace Week 2023, we find an inclusive platform where each one of us can contribute to the shared vision of a New Earth, a vision that bestows blessings upon all.
This initiative welcomes countless opportunities to unite the inspiring endeavors that fuel the momentum of people-driven peace-building. It is a reminder that every individual has a vital role to play in nurturing peace, and our diverse contributions converge to create a powerful field of intention and action.
A Commitment to Education and Hope
Founder of ESSEI, Ms Blessing Eko Sunday, underlined the dire need to educate abandoned children in marginalized communities, equipping them with the beacon of peace education.
She said ESSEI has taken a bold step by opening a classroom specifically for IDPs in the community.


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