Samuel Eto’o’s daughter demands imprisonment for Cameroon legend for €90,000 over allege neglects

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Daughter of Samuel Eto’o, Erika Do Rosario, has reportedly demanded for the imprisonment of the former footballer having allegedly neglected his duties as a father.
Samuel Eto’o is embroiled in a legal battle against his daughter, Erika do Rosario Nieves.
The 22-year-old Erika was judicially recognized in February 2022 as the daughter of the former Barcelona and Inter striker.
According to reports, Erika do Rosario is now requesting a one-year prison sentence for the Cameroon football chief for non-payment of his daughter’s welfare.
Samuel Eto’o’s daughter Erika do Rosario, alleges he owes €90,000 in debts.
As per a report from  ‘El Diario de Sevilla’, Samuel Eto’o has allegedly neglected some payments that would amount to €90,000.
“He owes more than five years of pension to his daughter and continues to defy justice. Erika’s economy is fragile while Eto’o lives in luxury,” says Fernando Osuna, the lawyer of Eto’o’s daughter, in statements collected by the media as mentioned above.
The defense of Eto’o’s daughter, Erika do Rosario requests the application of “the aggravating factors of recidivism and abuse of authority given the superiority it has over the young woman.”
Samuel Eto’o’s daughter Erika do Rosario (L), and her mother Adileusa do Rosario.
Osuna also considers it “strange” that Samuel Eto’o, who is one of the richest African footballers in the world, can get any of the public positions to which he aspires in his country given his background.
 In the brief prepared by the jurist, the different criminal records of the African footballing great are also exposed.
It would be recalled that Eto’o was already sentenced to one year and 10 months for a tax offence in the national territory, and to a financial fine for the non-payment of maintenance to another of his daughters born out of wedlock.


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