Life In IDP Camp: 3,919 IDPs in Maraba Rido abandon camp cries out for help



By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West Nigeria – Over four thousand Internally Displaced Persons, (IDPs), in an abandoned camp in Maraba Rido of Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State have raised up their voices for help to augment their present state of sufferings.
This was contained in a report carried out by a group, Eko Smile Support and Empowerment Initiative, (ESSEI), who visited the camp on April 26, 2023.
According to the report, ESSEI said it was surprised by the harrowing sub-human conditions of the IDPs, hence it organized a Humanitarian Rural Communities Outreach for the IDPs on May 2, 2023.
The Coordinator of the camp, Mr. Adam Sule, corroborated ESSEI’s report while taking our Correspondent around the camp which looked forsaken as most of the IDPs live in uncompleted buildings or spaces provided by villagers or nearby communities.
The IDPs who are mostly victims of bandits, unknown gunmen and other terrorist groups attacks are from Chikun, Kajuru, and Kachia Local Government Areas of the state respectively.
Before their present predicament, they were residents of Anguwan Rimi Kaso, Wako, Suleja Kaso, Telele, Anguwan Sarari, Anguwan Gaida, Kaso Kurmi, Anguwan Zhibada, and neighbouring communities.
Painfully, over 60 per cent making a total number of 2,331 are children whose parents were killed by marauding gunmen that invaded and occupied their villages.
922 of the IDPs are widows whose husbands were hacked to death by the gunmen, while the remaining 634 are men who narrowly escaped after witnessing their brothers, friends and neighbours sent to their early graves by the marauders.
The available data provided by the camp was the last head count of the IDPs carried out in December 2022, and the numbers keep on growing as other victims and survivors of banditry attacks come to the camp to seek refuge on weekly basis.
There are virtually no economic activities to keep the men and women going which made them prone to depression and despondency because of the situation.
The Coordinator said the IDPs are in urgent need of; food and clothing, make-shift accommodations, job opportunities, skills acquisition/empowerment trainings, educational support for the children and interested adults, as well as medical support.
Mr Sule who could not hold back tears pleaded on behalf of the IDPs to national and international organizations, well meaning Nigerians and the Kaduna State Government to come to the rescue of the IDPs who have been abandoned to their fate.


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