2023: Iyabo Ojo endorses Peter Obi …Cubana Chief Priest, Psquare, Ednut, Dokubo reacts

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LAGOS, South-West Nigeria – Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, publicly endorsed Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, as her preferred candidate in the forthcoming general elections.

The 45-year-old made this known via her Instagram page on Monday.

The actress shared the poster of the Labour Party with Obi’s photo on it and declared him her choice.

In her words, “My choice is @peterobigregory we need a breath of fresh air & I strongly believe in his vision & mission, most especially his management skills.

“Nigeria cannot be repaired in 4 years but we need a positive starting point for a better Nigeria so that our children & the ones yet unborn won’t have to face this hardship we’re facing.

“We need to start building a system that will work for the betterment of our people & our country.”

The actress emphasized the reasons she would support him by saying that it was not about her faith or her tribe but rather about accountability and putting an end to the suffering and tribulations of the average person.

She added: “We need accountability for every wrong or right decision that is made …. Lies will no longer slide. This vote is not about ethnicity & religion for me….. It’s about ending the struggle & pain of the common man. It’s about not letting the death of all those who lost their lives during the endsars protest go in vain.

“This is deep for me, but unfortunately, I can’t campaign bcos I’m a target. I pray that his Excellency Peter Obi wins & I pray he doesn’t disappoint us when he gets in, so help us God. If he doesn’t win, whoever wins I pray leads Nigeria right, if not, Nigeria will not be able to stand the doom that will await.”

The actress reacting to trolls bullying people for supporting their various candidate, claim that everyone has the right to vote for their various candidate.

She said: “I do not understand why some people on social media have resulted to insulting other people who are not in support of their political candidate, it’s democracy & everyone is entitled to support who so ever they wish to support, if you don’t like their choice fine, vote your choice, one thing you must understand is this politician are friends behind closed doors & they or their children will never lose a sweat nor blood becos of you, please! Please!! please!!! stop bullying people that are not supporting your own candidate, ejor 🙏 ….

“We’re all different.so our views defer, we see things differently & reason differently, politics is not a do or die affair, it’s not war, i will not make enemies or fight with any of my friends, colleagues or family who decides to vote their choice of candidate no matter how much we both disagree on our believe….. please let’s all embrace peace & not loose focus 🙏

“I, Alice Iyabo Ojo strongly believe in Peter Obi & I stand Obedient in my choice whether he wins or not because my vision & dreams for my country alligns with the Obedient agenda…

“you also have a right to yours & at the end of the day, one common interest we should all have is building a better Nigeria 🇳🇬

“Note !!! I do not belong to any political party, i also choose not to campaign for any political party, but i stand obedient for presidency… so help us God.”

Several Nigerians in the entertainment industry have reacted to the endorsement.

Peter of the PSqaure fame said: “I told y’all months ago that almost all the entertainers/celebrities are all OBIdient! Here we come!”

Nollywood veteran actress, Hilda Dokubo, wrote: “Thank you for always standing on the side of the truth. Posterity will remember you.”

Socialite and club owner, Cubana Chief Priest, said: “My twin wife.”

Social media activist, Tunde Ednut, stated: “If you were younger than me, I for toast you today ma!”


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