Prayers, worship, ministration heralds House of Purpose Ministry Convention 2022 

By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The 2022 Convention of‎ the House of Purpose Ministry, Unguwar Sunday in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State was herald on Thursday, 3rd November, 2022 with prayers, worship and ministration.
Addressing the Media during the  opening ceremony, the Senior Pastor of the Ministry, Apostle  Yakubu Yusuf, said there is good news for Nigerians who have been termed barren in every aspect of life because of limitations that is not from God, saying they should start to rejoice because what has been out of place‎ all these while is coming back.
Apostle Yakubu said what has been out of place in business, career, ministries, and other areas will come back to place, as there is going to be breaking of limits.
Teaching on the topic: “Breaking the Yoke of Limitations” Yusuf said Jesus came to break off the limitations that are not from him and empower the Church to step in to no limitations.
Reading from the book of Luke 4:18, Apostle Yakubu said Christ  came to proclaim freedom to prisoners and set the captives free. He explained that limitation is something which prevents believers from reaching their full potential or goal, adding that It is a barrier that says one cannot go beyond here.
He stressed that limitations can be found in any aspect of lives; marriages, finances, education, relationships, health, job and ministry,
He opined that the first and major causes of limitations is the unwillingness of someone to fully yield to God or know him, saying it is, “Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits
“Spiritual attacks; the enemy wilfully attacks some people so that nothing meaningful comes out of their lives.
“Generational curses and lack of   direction which the Bible says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” vision here does not talk only about prophets, but also being led by God to walk in his plans for your life, and sin because God cannot be with anybody as long as he or she is living a life of sin,” he said.
The Cleric said Abraham, Moses, David, Peter all had one thing in common before they had that massive encounters with God, and that is some limiting factors in their life, and were able to confront their limitations since they had a strong desire for change.
He group limitations into two categories: inner and situational. According to him, the inner limitations are those that rise up within, which includes, fears, worries, feeling of inadequacy and the “What if” mindset that might keep believers going in circles forever.
He admonished the Church that the best way to break inner limitations is taking a step of faith and believe that God will meet them halfway with His miracle.
Apostle Yakubu defined situational limitations, as when believers know God has called them to do more in their life, business, career, health, finances, family, ministry, but seems there is no exit from this “valley of nothing”, because they are  surrounded by limitations beyond their control and enslaved by circumstances.
Yakubu however, assured the  Church that God can use this stagnation in their circumstances to heat up desire for change. “The destiny of man is a progressive destiny, however, certain forces arise to hinder the flow of progress in life.
“One of these forces is the spirit of limitation. This spirit makes one’s life to be restricted, resisted and restrained.
“It delays destiny from getting to it ordained expected place. It is a force that must be broken out from if one will fulfil destiny in grand style.
“It makes life to perform below capacity and frustrates people from being all they could be. If you don’t break out of the yoke of limitation, you can never get to where God has destined for you to get to and thereby not enjoying all that has been prepared for you.
“To break off our limitations, we must know we need the help of God more than our physical strength, and also know how we can receive his help,” he concluded.


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