Isa Ashiru, The Face Of Hope, Unity For Kaduna Masses

By: Comrade Danjuma Bello Sarki
As the battle on who takes over the mantle of Kaduna state leadership at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House draws closer, the gubernatorial candidates of all political parties in the contest are already on their drawing boards strategizing for a favourable outcome in 2023. As campaigns have kick started, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP is gathering momentum by striving towards getting to take over the seat of power to serve the citizens of Kaduna state.
And the only person whom the cap fits that is focused, visionary and detribalized and empathic to the yearnings of the people of the state is Rt. Hon. Isa Ashiru Kudan who has been described by citizens as a portrait of hope, peace, unity and progress that will take the state to an enviable position.
At different fora, Kaduna residents have advocated and prayed earnestly for a committed, detribalised, compassionate leader who is ready to defend the unity of the state with all his strength and might beyond 2023. And there is no better person for the job than Isa Ashiru, the best man with a mindset to reset the record of oneness and progress that people currently yearn for. He was part of successive PDP governments in the state that united all citizens towards a common purpose.
Kaduna state desires a Governor whose communication skills and humility are inherently tied to honesty and transparency. Definitely, Isa Ashiru is that compassionate leader who knows how to connect with others in order to attend to their needs and aspirations.
With the state of affairs in Kaduna state today where many citizens have been adversely affected by most government policies, only Honourable Isa Ashiru can change the narrative. He has the ability to visualize situations, solve problems with minimal disruption and most importantly, he will give room for effective feedback from citizens. While providing a vision for the people of the state, he abhors the ‘government knows it all’ posturing of the present government because it is counterproductive, since it does not motivate citizens to give in their best.
As a committed candidate ready to hit the ground running from day one, he has already rolled out his ‘Blue Print’,  exclusively containing a 5-point agenda designed on how to govern Kaduna state if elected.
Security is his number one priority.
Undisputably, Kaduna state citizens have suffered terribly from insecurity with no crystal plan in place to end it. If given the opportunity to pilot the affairs of Kaduna state, Isa Ashiru is willing to strategize, work with relevant stakeholders to bring an end to the menace. He has repeatedly stated that the safety and security of Kaduna residents is paramount to the development of the state.
He has promised to provide quality and affordable education to the citizens, from primary, secondary to the tertiary institutions in the state.
Also, part of his agenda is to provide  world class medical facilities and making healthcare affordable to all citizens of Kaduna State, with free maternal and child health services.
Isa Ashiru has promised that his administration will focus on job creation,  provide enabling environment for the private sector to thrive, backed by suitable government policies and as well, encourage communal harmony by restoring trust between the different ethnic and religious groups in the state.
Beyond the shore of Kaduna state, Honourable Isa Ashiru remains a dogged politician, whose intellectualism and understanding of governance differs from what most of his opponents can offer. His political antecedents speak volumes of his preparedness to serve right from being a former member of the Kaduna State House of Assembly during the Makarfi’s golden years to a former lawmaker at the National Assembly.
At the Kaduna State House of Assembly between 1999-2007, Ashiru was Chairman, Appropriation and Implementation Committee. And within the same period also, he was member, house of representative committees on Finance, Economic Planning & County Planning, Lands Survey & County Planning, Judiciary, Works and Transport, Science and Technology, Public Accounts and House Services.
While from 2005-2007, the PDP gubernatorial candidate was Chairman, Disbursement Committee.
When Isa Ashiru served at the green chambers between 2007-2015, he was member house of representatives committee on Appropriation.
He was also Deputy Committee Chairman of Drugs Narcotics & Financial Crime, Privatization and Commercialization and National Security & Intelligence.
His political experience and approach to politics has attracted residents and non-residents of the state to him. He is a reformer, a symbol of unity who connects well with all parts of the state and above all the voice of the downtrodden.
Kaduna state can be greater with Honourable Isa Ashiru Kudan, who is a true symbol of trustworthiness, honesty, empathy and humility.
Sarki writes from Kaduna state


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