APC response team squad gaining more grounds in southern Kaduna

By: Gambo Santos Sanga
On assumption of duty as the Deputy State Coordinator of the Kaduna state All Progressive Congress, (APC) in charge of zone three (Southern Kaduna), Hon Mrs Charity Umbwe Shekari has succeeded in setting into motion static machineries capable of penetrating the nooks and crannies of the area through a thorough appraisal, nomination and appointment of  grass rooted politicians and community vote influencers to champion the electoral victory of Senator Uba Sani come, 2023.
In fact, her appointment was greeted with joy and massive belief in her concomitant ability to effect the much desired impact the APC could put in place with a view to cementing relationships and building a political bridge of purpose to guarantee the consolidation of the current gains being instituted by the Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai in Southern Kaduna and indeed Kaduna state.
This may not be unconnected with her political traits of empathy, meekness, piety and above all the fear of God in the discharge of her responsibilities in Line with her antecedents and records in public service.
The wife of the late Kaduna state Deputy Governor  and a former State Commissioner of Health has remained consistent in her total belief and hope on the ability of the ruling party to entrench unprecedented developmental policies and programs geared towards the emancipation of the downtrodden.
Hon Charity Shekari has also demonstrated unalloyed party loyalty despite the myriads of challenges encountered in the political struggles,alignment and her resolve to support good governance in Kaduna state and the country as a whole.
Unlike other political gladiators who lack patience, tolerance and genuine belief in the ability of the APC gubernatorial candidate to explore, excel and achieve, Mrs Charity Shekari has on many occasions demonstrated her unique confidence, particularly on why Senator Uba Sani must succeed.
While inaugurating her local government coordinators for the zone three (Southern Kaduna) in kafanchan,The amiable, dependable,dogged and resilient Kaduna state Second Lady reiterated her unique call on the Uba Sani Response Team coordinators to work assiduously towards the electoral victory of the APC in the 2023 General Election.
According to the Kaduna state APC Deputy Coordinator of the Response Team, there will be no room for excuses, stressing that all hands must be on deck to penetrate every community and canvass for votes through intensive public awareness and campaign on the need for continuity of the APC administration in Kaduna state.
Mrs Charity Shekari who is from Sanga Local Government Area like the present Deputy Governor, Dr Hadiza Balarabe has been very supportive to the Deputy Governor and has pledged to continue to support,defend and project her and the APC family in Kaduna state.
Though married to a Bajju man in Zango-Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna state, the late Deputy Governor of the state, Engineer Stephen Rijo Shekari, the amiable and eloquent orator and community leader never allowed her concomitant lowly background to affect her normal tendencies.
This she has demonstrated over the years by way of staying connected to her late husband’s family, the Bajju community and indeed the good people of her ancestral community, Sanga.
Her native name (UMBWE)  connote to an “ORACLE or MASQUERADE OF BEAUTY” in the Ninzo dialect. This symbolic mode of representation has endeared her to many especially her people who in turn  have honored her with a traditional title.
Simple and unassuming, Charity Shekari is so magnificent in politics of synthesis a unique potential that has given her an edge over others.
With her as the eagle eye of the APC gubernatorial campaign council in southern Kaduna, the Senator Uba Sani must accord her the desired support, trust and machineries towards championing the colourful outing ahead of the 2023 general election.
Hon Charity Shekari is always passionate about winning and she  is humbly a winner and a trail blazer who believe in ameliorating the suffering of less privileged in our society.
In the final analysis, the Senator Uba Sani movement should as well repose high degree of confidence in the ability of Mrs Charity Shekari with the hep of God, party leaders, supporters and they  faithful inaugurated local government coordinators to deliver southern Kaduna and indeed Kaduna state to the ruling party before, during and after the general election in 2023.
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