Z/Kataf killings: ‘Attacks premeditated to wipe out Atyap race’ – Group

By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The Atyap Community Development Association, (ACDA) has said the attacks on Atyap land are not mere herders or banditry, but premeditated attempt to wipe out the Atyap race.
This is as ACDA claimed the attacks spanned across the Atyap dominated districts in the Chiefdom, as if it was a deliberate act.

ACDA therefore called on Kaduna State Government  to come alive to its responsibility to put an end to the dastardly and condemnable killings of its citizens.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, at the Kaduna State NUJ Secretariat, President of ACDA. Comrade Samuel Achie, said, “The absolute silence of the government on all these happenings in Atyap Land makes us to begin to wonder whether the Atyap people are still citizens of the state, because we are yet to see any proactive step by the government to end these killings in our soil, neither has there being any comforting statement in reference to our situation.

“We therefore call on the government of Kaduna State to without fear or favour come alive to it’s responsibility to put an end to the dastardly and condemnable killings of its citizens.

“The government should ensure that the perpetrators are fished out and brought to face the wrath of the law. We say enough is enough looking at the casualties,” Comrade Achie said.

According to him, the entire Atyap Nation seems to be at loss to these senseless killings by the Fulani militias, as they have bend over to implement the decisions of the peace accord reached with the parties involved; asking, “what else were we supposed to do that was not done? It seems apparent that these attacks are being sponsored with larger motives than meet the eye.”

Continuing the ACDA said; “In all the attacks in the 12 different villages as at today 15th July 2021, a total of 42 people were killed and 338 houses burnt with 7 people wounded. Several other valuables were not left out as 8 Cars, 13 motorcycles, generators, food and domestic items were either looted or consumed by fire. Our revered places of Worship were not spared as 7 churches and their pastoriums razed down by fire in various locations.

“Among the Houses razed down by the activities of these Fulani Militia are the family compound of our paramount Ruler, His Royal Highness Sir Dominic Yahaya in Magamiya and also the Family Compound of Retired Major General Shekari Biliyock in Abuyab a former commandant of the Nigeria-African Peace Keeping Arm, the ECOMOG.

“The Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria once said that anybody found in possession of deadly arm be shot at sight. But as I am talking to you, Fulani Militias still graze in Atyap land with AK47 hung on their shoulders and shot at any sight of a Kataf man. At one point or the other the security forces are called and they see them with it but no arrest made. One begins to wonder whether the command by Mr. President is implementable or not.

“Since last year, we have made frantic efforts to meet and discuss with the Hausa and the Fulani community to reach a compromise on how to live in peace with each other and are still on that course. We have always toured the path of peace not that we are cowards, but because it is what our parents bequeathed to us, by and large our religion taught us so. In spite of that, we will not fold our hands to be annihilated and our lands taken over.

“We are compelled at this stage to make this statement in order to bring the attention of the world and Nigeria in particular on the attacks and the assuming genocide on the land for those following the development to know.

“The Atyap people were defenseless for the whole time the carnage took place with no protection. There is no any place in all the areas attacked that has a distance of more than 10 to 15 minutes’ drive from one security check point to the other. It is not only lives and houses that were destroyed, but crops and places of worship inclusive.

“The Atyap people are law abiding citizens that have been loyal to all successive governments to date and wonder why we should be left alone to carry our cross now.

“Based on these, we ask that government provide more troops, humanitarian relief materials and a peaceful atmosphere for all, else we will be left with no other option than to protect ourselves using all legal means.

“This dastardly act of unimaginable magnitude of cowardice assault perpetrated by agents of darkness who are bent on destroying already established pathway to sustainable peaceful coexistence between all category of persons and tribes resident in Atyap Land as being championed by the paramount ruler of Atyap Land the Agwatyap Sir. Dominic Yahaya must be stopped by all well-meaning citizens,” the group further stated.


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