Drug Abuse: NGO commences ‘Share Facts On Drugs, Save Lives’ campaign in Kaduna


By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria –  The NGO, The Eye Opener: Youth and Women Foundation, (TEO) has vowed to work in line with the World Health Organization, (WHO) to ensure teenagers, youth and women in Nigeria abstain from misusing drugs.

Speaking at the sensitization campaign in Kakuri, Kaduna South Local Government Area of Kaduna state on Wednesday, Founder of TEO, and WHO 2021 Award Winner of WNTD in West Africa, Mrs. Margaret Julius, said substance use disorder is now a pandemic in the world, hence, the foundation is poised to reach out to the youth to save them.
According to her, “The 2021 WHO theme on drug abuse and illicit trafficking is; ‘Share Facts On Drugs, Save Lives’. So we are out today, taking the campaign to their communal point – bus stops to show them love, and as we share facts on drugs to save lives of our youth, we also share to them more than 100 reasons to quit tobacco,” Mrs. Julius explained.
She said the youth were happy to see the group and gave their listening ears, even as they were asked questions about the dangers of drugs, surprisingly they gave so many effects. “They want to be carried along in the crusade and plead that they be helped and empowered with income generating activities,” she revealed.

The TEO boss further disclosed that most of the youth needed reformation and rehabilitation, as they confessed openly that they were suffering and sometimes engaged in nefarious activities.

Mrs. Julius, who said the foundation is willing to serve humanity, called for support from the WHO to get the good work done perfectly, as some of them are willing to join the group in the fight.

“They confessed openly that they were suffering and sometimes in the past engaged in vandalization in order to meet their needs,” she disclosed.
Toiletries were distributed to the youth during the campaign to ensure they remember the words spoken to them whenever they put them to use.


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