KADSPAC calls for establishment of Commission for Elderly People in Kaduna

By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The Kaduna Social Protection Accountability Coalition, (KADSPAC), has called for the establishment of Commission for Elderly People in the State.
Chairperson, KADSPAC, Jessica Batholomew, made the call at a one-day Experience Sharing Meeting of the group in Kaduna on Friday.
Speaking on the recent approval for the establishment of Commission for the Elderly People by President Muhammadu Buhari; Bartholomew, said KADSPAC is happy since it belonged to the National Social Protection Forum, saying the group would advocate to Kaduna government for establishment of same in the state.
“We can’t enforce it, but could only carryout advocacy to the government, telling them the importance of having such Commission in the state.
” Luckily, Kaduna state is able to identified that social protection policy is one of the key areas to assist the vulnerable or senior citizens in the state.”
On the gathering, she said it is meant to share experiences on social protection intervention in the state, where we are, how we’ve gone on the journey.
The KADSPAC chairperson who defined Social Protection as those policies of programmes designed to lift citizens and support them during crises, risks such as; floods, Covid-19 pandemic, among others; said “We saw during the pandemic lockdown how governments were able to distribute some palliative to the citizens.
“This are interventions under social protection. That intervention is to ensure people do not completely falls down because a certain risk or shock occurred in one’s life.
“People should be able to have interventions to be balanced – like the way he eats, access health, education and other basic amenities,” she said.
According to her, KADSPAC expectations from Social Protection local government champions in the 23 LGAs of Kaduna state is to help track and monitor the interventions currently ongoing in the state.
“We want to see beneficiaries targeted for those interventions are actually accessing them; that they are being lifted out of poverty through these interventions; and also ensure that vulnerable groups are not excluded either by error from accessing these interventions;
“We want to see that at the end of this year or quarter as it may be, we are able to know the number of beneficiaries that accessed government’s special protection from the social register that has the number of the poor and vulnerable people in the state.
“We also want to see that, yes, there has been implementation on those activities from the government,” she explained.


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