COVID-19 Lockdown: Drug Abusers Resort to New Concoctions with same Effects



By: Mayen Etim


KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria –  The Deputy Commander, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) Kaduna Command, Uche Iyke, has said drug abusers during the lockdown period in the state resorted to new concoctions initially not in used which gives them similar effects.

He made the revelation on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, when he received a group, The Eye Opener: Youth and Women, (TEO), Foundation who had visited the NDLEA state Command to kick-off the 2020 World Drug Free Day.
According to him, when the inter-state travel ban was enforced due to COVID-19 lockdown in the state, the Agency was able to curtailed supplies of substances like Indian Hemp and other hard drugs.
The Deputy Commander, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) Kaduna Command, Uche Iyke, (middle), addressing members of The Eye Opener: Youth and Women Foundation at the Agency’s office.
“Recently, drug abusers have started concocting other substances which initially were not even in used before within the lockdown period since they could not get those ones they were used to. So as you stay safe at home watch out for your children, what you see them engage in.  It is when they’re arrested they always seek for other means to satisfy their drug needs,” he urged.
Speaking on behalf of the State Commander, Alhaji Bala Fagge, who was on official assignment, Mr. Iyke said, to win this war NDLEA needed every hands on deck, and commended TEO for assisting the Agency in its drug war, saying the Agency can not fight the war alone but needed like-minded organizations carry out the fight.
The Deputy Commander said the NDLEA is the only agency empowered by Government to counsel, arrest, detend, investigate and prosecute depending on the offenses according to the provisions of the law.
“In carrying out these activities we welcome collaborations from ministries, NGOs, community leaders or groups and today marks one of such collaboratioins with TEO trying to assist the Agency fight the drug war.
“Being a community based group it is closer to the people, they know more than the Agency do, TEO has been working with the State Command, and we have been attending it events to give lectures, and counseled some addicts in communities. And today TEO has come to mark this year’s World Drug Free Day to show sign of synergy and we commend them for this,” he said.
He warned that there were certain diseases which are underlined and if one suffers it he/she would be exposed to issues of Coronavirus among such is heart problem.
“Drugs are one of the great substances that affects the heart, lungs and liver. So if one has issues with these organs would be exposed to Coronavirus which final result is death, but we appreciate TEO because with them the Agency is making headway.”
In her remarks, Founder of the Group, Mrs. Margaret Julius, said her organization is out to reach the confused, rejected, visionless, jobless, destitute, youth, and women, to reformed and empowered them to become what they ought to be in the society.
According to her, one of the Foundation’s impactful programmes is called ‘War Against DAASA’, which is an acronym for ‘Drug Abuse And Dangerous Smoking Addiction’.
She said the fight is not against victims of DAASA, but DAASA itself, hence the Foundation is poised to reach out to them, pull them out, reform and empowered them to become useful to themselves and the society at large.
“Our work is to go down to the roots of the problems. We are ready to collaborate with all like-minded labourers, committed to this fight to rescue our youth.
“We also discovered during the course of our operations thatvmost of these youth share drugs and with the COVID-19 pandemic it becomes easier for them to contact the virus. We will continue to fight until Coronavirus no longer have a place in Kaduna state and Nigeria becomes a drug free Nation,” she vowed.


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