Insecurity Threats to Survival of Democracy in Nigeria …Northern Group

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By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – A group, Joint Action Committee of Northern Youth Associations, has identified economic instability and insecurity as major threats to survival of democracy in Nigeria.
In a democracy day message signed by Convener of the group, Murtala Abubakar, made available to newsmen in Kaduna on Thursday, May 28, 2020, questioned the true essence of democracy in the country.
He added that so much was sacrificed for democracy yet it cannot create an environment that would make us enjoy a befitting life with our enormous human and natural resources.
According to Malam Abubakar, what differentiate democracy from other system is that it is operated within the rule of law.
“Under democracy sudden disappearances of critics have no place, consequently, disappearance of Dandiyyata for over a year and the inability of the government and security agencies to offer satisfactory explanation about his disappearance remained a major setback to our democratic gains.
“We urge civil society and other concerned citizens to keep asking until his whereabouts are  known,” he said.
The message noted that with the restoration of Democratic rule in May, 29th,1999 the hope of majority of Nigerians was that it would gradually leads to the path of justice, peace, liberty and egalitarianism.
“What does democracy serve if it can’t ensure security? The absence of it in many parts today made millions of Nigerians refugees in their own country.
“The activities of criminal elements that seems to have overwhelmed the country’s security agencies despite huge financial allocation and the goodwill they enjoy from Nigeria, the efforts of the security leave much to be desired as citizens continued to experience attacks especially in Borno, Zamfara, Katsina , Kaduna, Sokoto, Niger, Plateau, Adamawa and Yobe States.
“Villages are ravaged, lives are lost, property looted, women both married and young are kidnapped and raped, men are kidnapped for ransom and Abuja-Kano, Abuja-Niger, Kaduna-Jaba, and Kaduna -Saminaka-Jos. The roads are in deplorable conditions which causes accidents that results in huge loss of human life and property on daily basis.
“The general state of insecurity in the north which is no longer news remained high as the criminals are having a field day in those ungoverned spaces that spread across large areas of land across States in the North.
“To arrest this ugly trend, It is our belief that a solid economy that will ensure  citizens enjoy a high standard of living is critical to the sustenance  of democracy.
“We are position to support policies of government aimed at encouraging small and medium scale entrepreneurs, developing alternative sources of foreign exchange other than oil.
“The primary responsibility of government anywhere and at whatever levels is to protect lives and property of citizens based on social contracts theory.
“We call on our security agencies to redouble efforts in securing the country against all manner of threats as we urge government to reclaim ungoverned spaces that created the environment for the criminals to have a field l day terrorizing innocent citizens.” The statement reads
On the Almajirancai system in the north; “We  call on the northern Governors to handle the problems associated with this system of education with tact,” the group cautioned.


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