COVID-19: NGO Makes Special Case for Almajiris, Other Vulnerable Children


By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – A NGO, Centre for Media Advocacy for Mother and Child, (CAMAC), has called on government to make special arrangement for the Almajiris who roam the streets as the dreaded Corona Virus ravages the world population.

In a statement signed by CAMAC’s Executive Director,
Alex Uangbaoje, and made available to the media in Kaduna on Tuesday, the Centre
noted that despite the pandemic, a large group of Nigerian children are homeless and helpless as they go about on the streets without adequate care.

The government at this time must come up with a strategic plan to cater for the health of these innocent children, so as to prevent the spread of the disease among them.

According to CAMAC, many of these children know nothing about personal hygiene, and as such they are prone to any form of ailments and diseases.

CAMAC stressed that it is therefore pertinent for the government to protect them and ensure their rights to adequate health care.

CAMAC warned that any further delay on the part of the authorities may have dare consequences on the larger society.

The group welcome all strategies being put in place by government at all levels, but however observed that none of these measures covered the almajiris who are neither working or in school but always on the street scavenging for food.

It also observed that these Almajiris have no access to hand sanitizers, nose and mouth masks.

The group therefore called on the government to come up with measures to protect and save the lives of the almajiris

CAMAC, is a media advocacy group that focus on advocating for policies and programmes that favour vulnerable women, adolescent girls and children in areas of education, health, child’s rights, protection, development and survival.

It also draw the attention of government and other stakeholders to their plight, with the view to finding lasting solutions to their problems.


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