Lassa fever: Foundation Commends Kaduna Govt.Over Swift Action


By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – Director of Womenhood School of Health Sciences, Kaduna, Nurudeen Bello, has commended the Kaduna State Government over the swift intervention when the first case of Lassa fever was reported in the state.

Bello gave the commendation during the Students’ Cultural Dance Day celebration organized by School held in Kaduna on Thursday.
He said the ability of the State Government to quickly arrest the situation by isolating the first patient showed it was on top of the situation.
Director of Womenhood School of Health Sciences, Nurudeen Bello.
According to the Environmental Health specialist, Government’s swift action was a welcome development as it showed it is aware of the happenings in health facilities across the state.
“Lassa fever is a viral infection and in this case only preventive strategy can help, and one of such preventive strategy is the directive given by Government that people should reduce visitations to hospitals.
“You know our culture, when someone is sick in the family and is taken to the hospital all members of the family and even community will visit the hospital. So government’s directive to prevent those who are sick from visiting hospitals is to guard against new infections in the state.
Nupe students during traditional dance.
“We must eat healthily and keep our environment clean to prevent rats in our homes or surroundings. Unfortunately, today we have ignored our local foods, but go for more artificial foods. And this is what the medical health workers are striving for a change that people should eat healthily,” he
Speaking on the cultural day celebrtion, Bello, said the main target is to bring Kaduna back to its usual position of living together, irrespective of the religions and tribes for the purpose of peace and unity.

“Womanhood Foundation is assisting everyone both Christian, Muslim, Aethist and even traditional worshiper, as we believe in the unification of the people of Kaduna and Nigeria in general.

The Hausa traditional dance

“It is in the light of the above that the Foundation decided to train youth on health sciences and related courses at affordable fee, and introduced the Cultural Dance Day to unite the different tribes in the state.

“As the first health school of science to get the approval and offered dental health services, the Foundation believe in showcasing all tribes and use culture as a unifying factor,” he stated.

Highlight of the event include cultural display from the six different ethnic groups in the school namely; Hausa, Fulani, Gbagyi, Igbo, Yoruba and Nupe respectively; including the crowning of the new Miss Womenhood School of Health Science.


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