Snake Bite: Kaduna Residents Resort To Salt Therapy

By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – Following the recent dead of Hajiya Zainab Aliyu of Kinkinau in Kaduna South Local Government Area who was bitten by snake hidden inside her Water Cistern, (WC), Kaduna residents have suddenly resolved to using salt as a remedy.
Investigation by Daily News Precise revealed that the sudden death of the expectant mother steer up fear among the populace.
According to Hajiya Hadiza Musa of Kinkinau, she said a neighbor introduced her to the salt therapy. She advice her to pour a teacup of salt into her WC and leave it till the next day.
Similarly, Patience Philip of Nasarawa Village, said she was warned of the danger of snakes creeping into her soakaway due to the proximity of her house to River Kaduna. She was advised to take the precaution of pouring salt into her WC.
In the same vein, Mrs Dinah  of Mahuta Village in Chikun Local Government Area, who became fearful after watching the late Zainab Aliyu’s story on television, said her husband instructed her to use the salt therapy to drive away reptiles if there be any in the environment.
But Margaret Moses of Anguwar Maisamari, Kaduna North Local Government Area, said her community decided to engage the services of traditional snake charmers to remove any snake from the community, and since then snakes disappeared from her areas.
However, a medical practitioner, Dr Paul Uzomah of Malali Hospital, said there is no medical confirmation of the salt therapy, but stressed that some reptiles will not find salty water friendly due to the chemical components of salt.
He advised that the first step to take in case snake bite occur is to kill the snake where possible and bring it to the hospital with the patient.
According to Dr Uzomah, this will enable the medical team to determine the anti-venom injection to be given to the victim.
When asked if people should go ahead with the salt therapy, he said since prevention is better than cure, people should have a clean environment, ensure there is no cracks on their soakaway, and have a protective iron fixed to the pipes.
Be that as it may, Kaduna residents on daily basis are turning to salt therapy which has suddenly boosted the business of salt selling in the state.


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