2019: Can Governor Badaru Scale The Huddles?


DUTSE, North-West, Nigeria – There seems to be cracks on the wall of the Jigawa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress Party (APC), as some chieftains of the party have accussed Governor Badaru Abubakar of high-handedness and lacklustre performance.

Badaru is accused of not carrying party members along, and has also refused to accomodate useful pieces of advise on how best to move the state forward.

Some feared this may spell doom for the Governor’s second term bid come 2019 elections.

Daily News Precise gathered that this unwholesome trend has brought about cracks in the party’s structure, resulting to emergence of three different factions of the party in the state.

The factions are said to comprised of the Governor’s camp; the Jigawa State House of Assembly faction; as well as that of the Federal lawmakers from the state.

While speaking to the APC State Chairman, Hon. Ado Kiri, he debunked the allegations saying that there wasn’t any crack within the party.

“As far as I am concern, there is one APC in Jigawa state. There isn’t any faction amongst ourselves, both the party executives, the Governor and our elected representatives,” he maintained

But an elected Assembly member who spoke on condition of anonymity described Badaru’s leadership as embarrassment to the state in terms of poor performance in projects implementation and execution, and also in non delivery of dividends of democracy to the people.

He said the Governor’s high-handedness has cost the state of viable projects implementation and executions.

“We tried severally to call the Governor to order for re-adjustments to no avail.

“This same highhandedness of Governor Badaru and his refusal to change for the better, has caused division among members of the State House of Assembly to the point that more than two third of the members are not with him.

“It is a pity that in Jigawa state today public funds are lodged in fixed deposits with accrued interest with no execution of any viable projects, citizens are denied dividends of democracy.

“It is also a pity that the Governor Badaru’s APC led administration in the last two and half years has been unable to implement any viable project that has direct impact on the lives of citizens. Neither has his administration created employment opportunities for the teeming population.

“If the Governor did not change his leadership style come 2019, I am afraid APC may lose Jigawa state to PDP,” he said.

There is need for Governor Badaru to put his house in order, reach out to aggrieved members of the party and chart a new course on developmental progress of Jigawa state.

But what can Governor Badaru do within this short period, as the 2019 general elections is around the corner? Can he weld the magic wand? Only time can tell.


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