Crime: A Society Devaluation

Crime is an household nomenclature in our society today. A crime is committed when a deed is in contrast with the rules and regulations governing the operations of the land.

It is worrisome and deadly cankerworm which has eaten deep into the folded roots regardless of personalities, ethnicities and ages. It is so much adorned nowadays that one could easily embrace and be enticed by its glossy appearance having saturated the government, politics, religion, media and the public at large.

It ranges from cyber-crime, sexual abuse and assault, suicide bombings, kidnapping, ritual killing, child pornography and such similar definitions.

Crime could be in form of economic and financial where fund is looted; social where the societal norms and ethics are betrayed; religious where those to exemplify moral standards fail and mislead others, thereby denying faith; political/government where protocols are violated and individuals craftily enrich their purses at the expense of the suffering masses.

It is disheartening having those bodies meant to throw their whole weights against this menace becoming cats in watch of seasoned meat. While many are being celebrated for heinous crime committed after light chastisements, others walk their ways up delving deeper as to accumulate higher wealth and appreciation after the order of the afore victims.

The sources of crime has in no doubt embittered all and sundry. Vandalization of oil pipes has led to scarcity of petroleum products creating hostile economics which has in turn led to further criminal activities.

A great deal of funds meant for the growth and development of the entire populace is being swallowed up by selfish and corrupt leaders and their flock. More hardship set in as wages, salaries and allowances could not be paid aggravating poverty.

Lives and property are no more safe as humans are being kidnapped and ritualized even in the broad day light on regular basis without any serious netting against such. Designated security agents are not adequately equipped and remunerated for effectiveness and efficiency, while some are are loggerheads of injustices through aiding and abetting.

Our society have been totally ravaged by unbridled sexual abuses – homosexuality, lesbianism, incesty, bestiality among others. It is now a deed of honour for a 60year-old man to defile eleven year-old girl all in the name of love and marriage without putting in place any ray of hope for future attainments of such minor.

Despite that crime has become blood in our streams, steps could be taken to curb its widespread. The application of rule of law should be mandatory in every sphere of life. The immunity clause of a thing should be razed to ashes as it is discovered that the most powerful and rich rulers violate laws and orders of Tue land more than the ruled.

In essence, none should be a subject of impunity. Checks and balances should be employed to adequately operate among the Legislature, Judicial and Executive arms of government. Watchdog over a minor crime would definitely not give room to a major one.

Our sanctions should be reorientated to attract capital punishment for great offences such as cyber, kidnappings, rape among others. Programs as well as moral centres should be cited and made accessible to children in various contacts as an egg becomes the cock. Evil effects and penalties for crime should be regularly sung in media to refrain intending masses.

As well, the economy should be redressed to suit better job opportunities, adequate securities, mandatory free and qualitative education, and incorporation of standards in our social norms and values. Discipline should also be maintained without a stone unturned.

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