Handball: Sports Analyst Calls For More Sponsorship, Active Media Participation

Chairman of Safety Shooters, and also Vice Chairman, FCT Handball Association, Mr. David Aremu, with an athlete.
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 In this interview, the Chairman of Safety Shooters, and also Vice Chairman, FCT Handball Association, Mr. David Aremu, spoke to Mayen Etim, on the way forward for handball game shortly after the presentation of trophies to winners of the 2019 National Handball Division One League held at the Murtala Mohammed Square, Kaduna on Thursday.

 He called for sponsorship and more participation in future events, saying there can’t be a successful competition without sponsorship as this would lead to more motivation towards the competition.  He said organizers of the competition should partner with the media as no sporting activities can thrive without it since the media creates awareness for every sport.


 Sir, you are privilege to watch the final of the 2019 National Handball Division One League, what is your assessment of the tournament?

Aremu: Well, the standard is good considering that the competition has not been on for so many years, and coming up for the first time after these while, the standard is quite alright.

You know I played a long time ago in this type of competition and its gives opportunity for talents to be discovered because it’s more or less a grassroot event.

In what way do you think this competition can be improved upon?Aremu: More participation and most importantly more sponsorship because you can’t enjoy a successful competition without sponsorship.  So if there is sponsorship for this competition, I believe that there is going to be more participation and more motivation towards the competition.

Are you satisfied with the turnout of spectators at the final of the event today?

Aremu: It is okay but I think it can be better, in the sense that if there were more publicity about the event, it could be better than this; but for now it is quite okay.

But one of the problems that has been identified in the sporting circle is that whenever sporting activity of this magnitude is coming up, the media is relegated to the background and that is why such activity suffers a lot, what can you say to this?

Aremu: I don’t think sports can thrive without the media.  It is the media that create awareness for every sport, and I think it could be as result of the long lay-off in this competition.  I believe after this there is going to be a change and the media would be partnered to create enough publicity.  If the media is actively involved in future events the attendance would be more than this.

As a veteran player, is there anything you can comment on?Aremu: Like I said earlier, it has been a long lay-off and what we have had in the country is the premiership which was last year and this year.  So this competition is coming up for the first time and I think with time there is going to be better improvement.

Let us not find faults or apportion blames for now, maybe for the second year coming, one can now pinpoint the lapses and say this, and that should be corrected but so far this championship is quite okay.


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