Introduce Technology To Tackle Insecurity  –   Nigerian In Diaspora Urges FG




By: Mayen Etim


KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – A Nigerian businessman, Abubakar Umar, based in Singapore and Dubai has advised the Federal Government to introduce technology in tackling the security problems in the country.

In a recent interview with Journalists in Kaduna, Umar urged the government to employ all technology devices as obtainable in developed countries. He said it has become impossible for government alone to police the nation.

He advised the Federal Government to join Kaduna State Government who has installed surveillance cameras in some strategic areas, and create a monitoring room in police stations.

“There are police outposts that required these systems on the highway which must be secured in order to monitor every movement so that whatever is passing through that route could be recorded.

“Most of these kidnappers are illiterates, they come from the bush and if at the time they’re coming and the camera is recording them even if they succeeded in kidnapping people when the check the system you can establish the identities of the kidnappers and could be easily arrested.  So the best way out of insecurity is to introduce technology,” he said.

On Federal Government’s mulls to reintroduced toll gates on highways, Umar, said; “The reintroduction of toll gates fee is a source of revenue to government, but before government do that it should eradicate payment by cash and introduce a system whereby motorists are issued cards so when they get to the toll gates they could swap in the card so as to save the money generated,” and warned, “If not it will end up enriching a few people.”

He equally advised the Federal Government against increment on Value Added Tax, (VA), saying it was not a welcome idea at the moment considering the situation in the country.

 Speaking on the country’s 59th Independence Anniversary, Umar, said there is nothing to write home about even as he accused the legislative arm at both the federal and state levels of not using their powers appropriately.

He said, “Our Naira has devalued. The only achievement I see is that billionaires are being produced, and they’re not businessmen. Growing up back then, most of the rich people were contractors and traders, but we don’t know where today’s billionaires come from.

“Although Nigeria is still standing and I hope it would continue to stand. But from independence till date in terms of developments there are nothing to write home about compared to what is obtainable outside the shores of the country.

On 2023, Umar accused politicians of dividing the country on ethnic and religious lines, saying, “Politicians take advantage of ethnicity and religion to divide Nigerians.”

He said although he’s not a politician and do not intend to be one, Umar opines that the idea of rotational presidency should be jettisoned, rather let the right candidate be presented by which ever political party and let the people make their choice.

“Let us elect people based on merits based on their capability not on region, ethnicity or religion. We should shy away from that type of politics, because, that is what is causing lack of development in the country and the criminal elements in the system are using it over us.  They use this ethnicity and religion to divide the people.

“I do not fancy the rotational presidency, if it is an Igbo man that is good and credible let him rule the country. It does not necessarily have to be a northerner, and if it is a Yoruba man that is credible and could deliver Nigeria, why not.” Umar said.



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