Climate Change: Nigeria May Risk Being Niger Republic – Group


By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – A Non-Governmental Organization, Interfaith Mediation Centre, (IMC), has warned that unless Nigerians desist from indiscriminate falling of trees, bush burning and other human activities that triggers climate change, the Nation stands the risk of losing all her natural resources.

Speaking at the 2019 United Nations Peace Day celebration recently in Kaduna, the Director for Research and Documentation, IMC, Abdullahi Sufi, said the theme for the year: “Climate Action For Peace”, has become imperative, hence, IMC decided to mark the event at Teku International Farm to relate the Day to issue of climate change that is affecting the world particularly, Africa.

He lamented that Nigeria’s ecological system is gradually being destroyed due to human activities carried out by her citizens, warning that; “if care was not taken Nigeria is going to lose all her natural resources and risk being like Niger Republic.”

Participants seen planting some economic trees after the event.

According to him, God has blessed Nigeria with both human and natural resources in abundance, with a suitable climate and everything are at the disposals of the citizens, unfortunately there is the challenge of managing these God given natural resources and endowments for the nation’s advantage.

“Trees are very important to the environment as they give us oxygen, one of the necessities of life; protection against the windstorms, among others, but in a situation where these resources are being destroyed daily, then we are inviting problem to ourselves,” he stated.

The Director called on governments at all levels to tackle the menace of climate change, stressing that, there was environmental degradation and indiscriminate dumping of wastes everywhere, which has adverse effects on the people.

He equally called on the governments to promote climate action for the betterment of Nigerians, as nature does not negotiate, but it gives back in return what it receives.

Also, the Women Coordinator, Christian Matters, IMC, Reverend Rose Northcott, said the focus of this year’s celebration is on world leaders to do something about the climate and not keep silence.

She informed that the group is engaging women in Kaduna state to fight the menace, by encouraging them to at least plant a tree or flowers in their environment.

The IMC Kaduna is a faith based organization working to promote peaceful coexistence among the diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria and beyond.

The World International Peace Day is celebrated September 21, every year.


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