Booming Frog Meats Business Forces Youth To Abandon Trade For Hunting




By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The rising demands for frog meats in Kaduna state has forced many youth to abandon their petty trading businesses for frogs hunting.

A youth leader at Unguwan Gwari community in Kaduna North Local Government Area, Mr. Felix Peter, said he embraced the business when he discovered frog meats were on high demands especially its intestinal organs which he said are used for traditional medicine.

He informed Daily News Precise who visited his point of sell on Wednesday, that there were many youth ages 26 to 34 years who have abandon their petty businesses for frogs hunting in the state.

Roasted Frog meats delicacy on display.

A former mechanic, Peter, said he ventured into the frogs business when he discovered there were demands for it in the North. He added that the business is helping in no small way to cater for his family.

“At first it was difficult, but now the business is thriving. After hunting for frogs we dressed and roast them, and then package them inside cartons, while some are kept in bags for sales to our marketers that usually come from various states.

“A frog is sold for N100, while three goes for N200, and I make a maximum of N5,000 daily from frogs business,” he said.

Another frogs hunter, Abubakar Shelang, said he was into other businesses before, but had to abandoned them to embrace the frogs business because the market is booming.

According to him, “I was a bricklayer and I also repairs bread mixing machines, but the business is not moving, that is why I opted for frogs business.”

Dressing frogs.

Shelang, said the roasted frog meats are marketed across the entire northern region, because of high demands them and they are making money every day through the business.

“Every day I go frogs hunting, I make good money and that takes care of all my needs,” he said.

“There is no job in the country; and one has to be creative to survive in this country, and there are millions of youth wasting away looking for white collar jobs. I advise them to be creative and fight poverty.”

A frogs dealer, Mrs. Mercy John, thanked the youth for the business they are doing, and for also assisting her make more customers from many places including neighboring countries.

She said the business has helped her become who she is today, as she has houses and cars, as well acquired a plot of land in Abuja; and called on Government to support the youth with capitals, for establishment of frog ponds.


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