Use of Force To End Boko Haram, Herdsmen Crises Is No Solution To Attacks – NGO



By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – An American based Non-Governmental Organization, Newstime International, for the promotion of peace has said that the use of military force in the prosecution of Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen crises in Nigeria is not a solution to the attacks and killings.

Addressing a press conference in Kaduna on Tuesday, Chief Executive Officer of the group, Tony Oyatedor, urged the Federal Government to rather follow the rule of law instead of rule of force in taming terrorism in the country.

The self-styled peace Ambassador and author of books on leadership in Nigeria said that the FG can end the seemingly endless Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East and militancy in Niger Delta areas without the use of force.

Newstime International, a faith-based group with membership cut across Christians, Muslims and other religions insisted that they were in Nigeria to offer solution to the security challenges bedeviling the nation and threatening peaceful coexistence amongst the people.

According to him, the people and leadership of Nigeria must follow the rule of law, not the rule of force. Invest in solutions not weapons, Invest in Newstime and harvest a peaceful, secure, and prosperous nation.

“You must invest to harvest. You cannot plant corn and harvest beans, you give good, you get good. When you invest in weapons, you get war and destruction, but you invest in the Word, you get peace and security. With the Word, (through Newstime), Nigeria shall rest in peaceful security.
“Weapons should not be the first choice but should be the last choice. Enough is enough, Boko Haram and Niger Delta militants must make peace with the society, not just the government or the military.

“In Nigeria, a painful past, troubled present and uncertain future. Leadership does a good job of punishing the people but a bad job at protecting the people. Desperate times, call for desperate prayers, fasting and work with the Word.

“Leadership should save lives; instead, let us end the twin problems with the Word. Leadership’s commitment to peace, love and unity save the nation from collapse and bring Nigerians back together in security.  Leadership can only measure success by the lives they change for good. Leadership must establish units in Nigeria. Leadership must be wealth creators for the Nigerian people not poverty creator.

“The people of Nigeria want to know what the solutions to the problems (not challenges) are, not continue to talk about the same problems, decades after decades and call them ‘challenges’ Newstime has the solutions.

“Talking is not leadership, doing is leadership. Leadership must implement a road map for what a peaceful, stable, secure and prosperous Nigeria would look like. We at Newstime has the solution. Leadership must implement short-term goals to improve life for Nigerians. The country must wake up after decades-long slumber.
Oil has brought dismay (consternation) not delight in Niger Delta.

“There is an urgent need for new thinking about an old problem, the twin problems. Newstime has the solution. To us at Newstime, this is less about us and more about the future of the country,”  he said.

Oyetador also said that his team will organize a conference in Abuja, which is expected to be attended by President Buhari and other stakeholders, adding that the same team will visit the six geo-political zones of the country in proffering solution to the crisis that hit the country.

Speaking earlier, Coordinator of the Group, Rear Admiral Ombo (Rtd) noted that the growing spate of insurgency and militancy, in Nigeria calls for serious concern as military operations alone, without recourse to the root causes of these problems, will not end the crises.

“Today, the glaring consequences of the neglected efforts have spread amongst us.  In every geo-political zone in the country, despite their peculiar security problems, or governance, ethnic coloration and religious intolerance underscores our national security challenges and the military and police are overstretched and overwhelmed,” he said.


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