Human Rights Commission Condemns Illegal Activities Of Civilian JTF

By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The National Human Rights Commission, (NHRC), has condemned the illegal activities of the Kaduna State Civilian Joint Task Force which rather than protecting the citizens is bringing hardship and pains to them.

The State Coordinator of NHRC, Mr. Gwar Terngu disclosed this when briefing newsmen in Kaduna.

According to him, the illegal activities metted on citizens by the Civilian JTF includes; illegal arrest, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, beatings and body injuries.

Mr. Terngu also said that the latest complain brought before the Commission is that of a 14 year-old Al-Amin Yahaya who was illegally arrested and severely beaten by the Civilian JTF and this resulted to injuries inflicted on his right arm.

He further explained that the Primary six pupil of Yusuf Dantsoho Memorial Primary School was picked up because someone dropped a bag in front of his house, and he was given 30 lashes to accept that he is the culprit.

“This pupil was arrested by the CJTF, tortured as you can see,  he can’t move his right arm from the result of this X-ray. So we want to draw public  attention to this.

“This act by the CJTF is commendable and not in public interest, and we hope the government will take action to seriously address and call the task force to order.”

Terngu said  that this was not too good especially when the State Government has recently passed the Child Rights Act to law, saying activities of the CJTF was against the provisions of the Law and several human Rights principles.

“We want the State Government  and the Police to take action including every other security agencies working with the CJTF to call them to order.”

On the next line of action by the Commission, Mr. Terngu said, “We’ll make sure that justice prevail, that those found  culpable in this act are brought to justice.

‘We can’t continue to tolerate this act of cross violation of peoples’ rights. And one of the mandates of the Commission is to support victims seek redress,” he said.

Mallam Aminu Shawai, an Uncle to the victim, said the Teen was brought to him at home and when he enquired to know what happened they narrated the story.

According to him, assuming the pupil actually carried the bag as he was being accused of, is that enough for them to afflict him with injuries?

“Al-Amin can’t move his right arm because both  hands were tied together and beaten.

“When they brought him to my house the father said he wanted to go to court, I said no that there is the NHRC, that is where we will take o,ur case to and they will fight for our right. That’s why we are here,” Shawai said.

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