How Refuse Dump Threatens Health Of Anguwan Shanu Community

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By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – Anguwan Shanu is a metropolitan community in Kaduna North Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The community which is as old as the state capital, Kaduna, has a major challenge which is a refuse dump site located on Sadiq Mamman Lagos Road in the area.

This dump site which is more than 60 years old according to residents is fast becoming a hazards as it oozes out offensive odour and affect the climate of the area when scavengers set it on fire.

According to a staff in a Primary Healthcare facility (PHC) within the community, who said due to the offensive odour from the refuse, they frequently received complains from residents of Diarrhea, Typhoid, Malaria fever and Cholera. She added that the Facility was not spared because the refuse dump is located behind it.

The staff who does not want her name on print disclosed that the facility received lots of patients from the area for treatment of ailments. She gave a statistics for the last three months as follows: January 2018, recorded 51 cases of Malaria from pregnant women while 22 cases of Diarrhea among children under 5 years were recorded.

She added that in the month of February 2018; 64 cases of Malaria among pregnant women were reported, while 14 cases of Diarrhea among children under 5 years were recorded.

“Also, in the month of March, 2018; 42 cases of Malaria among pregnant women with 68 cases of children under-5 were recorded for the month; while 25 cases of Diarrhea/Vomiting among children U-5 were also reported,” she explained.

A community leader in the area, Comrade Usman Gwada said the government has been trying it best, but it needed to do more in order to avoid catastrophe. He called on the community members to help themselves, corporate with community leaders and the government so as to find a lasting solution to this matter.

“It is true the community has fault too, it does not help matters even we the Traditional Title holders normally called their attention that residents should respect themselves by doing what is right. Government will not do everything for us, we also must do something for ourselves. By dumping refuse anyhow and everywhere does not help matters because health is wealth as the saying goes.

“We the community leaders have been trying to reach to the community members by way of sensitizing and enlightening the people that they should do the right thing for themselves and they are complying.

“The problem in this kind of community is awareness and some residents are recalcitrant, they hardly cooperate with leaders, but we are trying our best to sensitized them jointly with the State and Local Governments to make sure that things move accordingly in the community,” he explained.

The Anguwan Shanu community is said to have a population of about 300,000 residents.


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