Insecurity: Northern Nigeria Under Assault, Bleeding – Sen Shehu Sani

By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West,  Nigeria – Senator representing Kaduna Central in the Upper Chamber, Shehu Sani on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 raised alarm that Northern Nigeria is under assault and  bleeding as a result of insecurity bedeviling the region.

Senator Sani who was miffed by attitude of the people challenged them to quit worshipping and revering people who are incentive, unconcern, or indifferent to their plights and then expect miracles to happen.

He added that northerners are paying dearly for sycophancy, subservience and lack the democratic knowledge to hold political leaders accountable for security of their lives and property over the years.

Responding to members of the Coalition of Birnin-Gwari Associations, (COBA), from Birnin Gwari Local Government Area and part of Kajuru Local Government Area including some Zamfara citizens resident in Kaduna state who paid him a courtesy call to formally seek his assistance over insecurity in the areas, Senator Sani noted that there were lessons to learn from tragedy and one of such is for the people to free themselves from the culture of sycophancy and subservience of leaders who have failed them.

“You must free yourselves from bondage and from yourselves,” he charged the people.

He said that it was high time the region sit down to know what should be done in view of the opportunity of the political power it is holding, saying, “You can’t have a President, Service Chiefs, heads of Security Agencies all from the North, yet the region is becoming  one of the most insecured, unprotected and dangerous  territory on earth.

“Who are you going to blame? There is no Goodluck Jonathan or Olusegun Obasanjo to blame. You should blame yourselves,” he said.

According to him, he has less than few days to vacate his seat, but assured the people that nothing will silence him in the defence of truth and justice, pointing out that when violence persist, deaths, disorder, and bloodletting  unabated in the land, three things must have failed, namely: Is either the government has failed, the Nation is failing or the people have failed to live up to their duty at the right time.

“There are four entries to Kaduna city out of which only the Zaria-Kaduna Expressway is less problematic. Others like the Kaduna-Abuja Expressway has been taken over by kidnappers.

“The road from Southern Kaduna into the city when passing through one has to be on his throat until you arrived the city. The next route from Birnin-Gwari through Mando into the city is another dangerous road.

“The audacity of the bandits has gotten to a crucial and dangerous level, where they don’t even raid but sent notices to residents of their visit.

Senator Shehu Sani in a group photograph with members of Coalition of Birnin Gwari Associations, (COBA), during the courtesy call.

“I have received your letter, and I assure you that within the few days I remain in office,  I will continue to speak and stand for truth and justice,” he promised.

Earlier, Vice President, COBA, Nasir Khalid informed that attacks on innocent communities by armed bandits within the territories of Birnin-Gwari from the eve of the general elections to date has reached an alarming rate.

Khalid added that members of the Association came calling to the Senator to help them deliver a letter to the Senate President over the security challenges in their communities.

“COBA is particularly saddened by the brutal attack at Kakangi on (Saturday, 6th April, 2019), by gunmen on broad day light, killing two policemen and several innocent unarmed civilians and many children were terribly wounded by bullets of the bandits.

“It is established that armed banditry in Birnin-Gwari, has slowly
escalated into a stage point of no return despite the presence of
security personnel in few locations within the vast territory of

“With the attack of Kakangi community last Saturday, armed bandits have taken over one of the strongholds of Birnin-Gwari, and this invariably
implies that the entire local government area is in apparent danger.

“Many communities and towns are either ghost towns/ villages or have already been deserted by people.

“In the last two months, towns and villages such as Doka, Layin-Lasan
and Layin-Mahuta, residents have forcefully relocated to other areas.
Farm Barn, Damari and Layin- Maigwari were attacked and several people have been killed.

“COBA will not fold its arms and overlook all these sad stories. Therefore, we are calling on all political, religious and community
leaders to chat a common position to address this ugly security

“Politics and politicking are over for now and our unity is most paramount to tackle the security problem in our territory.

“Government should deploy more Troops and Charge them to Work with sincerity. We are calling on the state and federal governments to urgently deploy more troops and security personnel to Birnin-Gwari before the armed bandit overrun Birnin-Gwari town, which at the moment remained the last man standing.”


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  1. This is a true leader who cares for his people. He is an articulated and courageous leader.

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