Herdsmen/Farmers Crisis: Ranching is the solution  – Council of Ulama

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By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The Council of Ulama has said the best solution to the persistent herdsmen/farmers crisis in the country is the introduction of ranch system instead of the present system where herdsmen move their livestock around.  

National Secretary of the Council, Professor Muhammad Abubakar made this assertion while addressing a press conference in Kaduna on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

According to Prof. Abubakar, Nigeria should learn from countries like Canada, Argentina where livestock farming is very high but the animals are kept in Ranches. He added that Canada alone supply the largest milk to the world market yet their herds are not found roaming about on people’s farmlands.  

He added that the conflicts between the farmers and herdsmen dated back to 5,000 years ago during the reign of King David, therefore people should not attach tribal, religious or political sentiment to it.

Prof. Abubakar also called on all Nigerians who have attained the voting age of 18 to get their permanent voter’s card so as to play a critical role to determine who governed them.

He also advised polfocus,”ans to play by the rule of the game in the electioneering year, advising them to be good winners and losers. He warned of the dangers of sponsoring political thugs, saying such moves may backfire. He called on the election umpire, INEC to ensure that all the elections are free and fair.

“The Council of Ulama salutes the courage, the doggedness and the gallantry with which our combined forces are tackling the Boko Haram insurgency.

“We call on all Nigerians to continue to support them in prayers, we also want the federal government to know that ideological war is not conquers by force alone, so we advise that other strategies like blocking their source of supplies, negotiation and ideological counseling is employed.

“The Council commiserates with the government and people of Zamfara State over the persistent senseless killings for over two years now, and for the latest that was perpetrated in Anka LG. 

“The security that has now been beefed up should endeavor to get to the root of the crisis so that it could be nipped in the bud. Perhaps the state will enjoy relative peace like the one being enjoyed by its neighbours.  

“The on-going fight against corruption is hectic, tortuous and tormenting, yet worthwhile. The  success being recorded is impressive, rewarding and encouraging. The Council calls on the EFCC and the ICPC to rededicate themselves for better results and to rid themselves of dead woods. It will engender more support and will promote more understanding if the public is kept posted over the recoveries being made and the utilization focus,” he said.


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