Group Urge Nigerian Youth To Embrace Nationalism


By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – A group under the auspices of Jeddbrams Synesis, has said it is out to inculcate the spirit of nationalism in Nigerian youth, and create the urge for capacity building among teenagers.

Director of the group, Mr. Jedidiah Abraham, disclosed during an event tagged; “Egnite” with a topic “Effective and Efficient Leadership Skills Amongst Youth and Teenagers,” in Kaduna over the weekend.

He said youth must be encouraged to see the sense of dignity in labour, saying that one could make money in any other fields or job and went on to become great in life without necessarily engage in politics.

According to him, the Nigerian youth today do not want to engaged in any job they think is dirty and they feel such jobs are meant for the uneducated ones. He said some of the youth who attempted to flee the country in search of greener pastures ended up being killed.

He said that pictures abound in the social media where our African brothers and sisters who fled their countries enroute Europe are sold into slavery, adding that the nation has come to a point where youth are fleeing in droves out of the country.
He explained that it was the reason why the organisation came into being in order to educate the youth on the dangers of such risks which till date has no effect as many of them are bent to leave the country.

A guest speaker at the occasion, Mr. Elisha Mamman, in a paper titled: “Philosophy to guide the Lives of Young People: The Forces That Can Change Your Life” said one need not be a politician to become great in life, but what is needed is to grow one’s influence and status.
He explained that; “if one grows his or her career to a particular point, his influence and status will grow, hence, would have engaged politics, and this is called organizational politics.”

He further stated that people don’t serve but want to rule and this is not fair. “What I mean is that gifts are served, personalities are served, lives are served. Whatever it is, if you want to amount to something in life you must served a vision, a person, organization and institution, If you don’t served you won’t be great,” he added.

He however expressed dismay on young people who think prosperity is a miracle so they rather attend night vigils than get a job that will make them become great in life.

A participant, Mohammed Ladan, traced the root cause of the situation among youth in the country, and called on the government to initiate a project that could motivate the youth through sports to become part of nation building.
Ladan said the idea that everyone must be in politics before making it in life is a wrong assumption, adding that, “youth must be engaged in something very useful which sports are parts of it.
“Nigerian youth should embraced sports and brand it to attract investors to come in. and by so doing one would earn a living without depending on government,” he concluded.


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