Expert Expresses Dismay Over Vandalization of Water Pipelines In The Country

By: Mayen Etim

KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – The Head of Training, National Water Resources Institute, Dr. Martin Eduvie, has expressed dismay over continual vandalization of water pipelines in the country. He made the assertion while speaking to a team of Journalists in Kaduna on Tuesday.

He also said that Nigerians should be good citizens and stop breaking the existing water pipeline systems in their communities.
According to him, there are lots of factors responsible for unclean water from pipelines and one of these could be attributed to increase in population.
Explaining why water from pipelines are polluted and citizens no longer drink directly from the tap, Dr. Eduvie said when these facilities were initially installed there were maximum capacity they could reach, but as new areas continue to spring up it became more difficult.
He stated that sometimes it takes a period to be able to extend the pipe network and as some of them are old some within the gutter system get broken.

“The water might be pure from the Water Board but by the time it is conveyed to the community, they are corroded as water from the gutters entered into the pipelines.

“Generally, during rainy season there are erosions and mud among others, so most of the particles and bacteria could be removed although not completely.
“Also, the issue of illegal connections, this happens when a plumber punched into the main pipeline, it allows particles and bacteria’s from gutters to enter pipelines and pollutes the water,” he said.
Speaking further, the Head of Training, National Water Resources Institute, said that if citizens intend to establish a new area, government should also try as much as possible, for the overall package ensure that pipeline network systems are put in place so that those areas would be well piped to residents.


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