Nigeria @ 58: ADC Says It’s Time For Nigerians To Shake Hands 

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By: Mayen Etim
KADUNA, North-West, Nigeria – As Nigeria celebrates its 58 anniversary, Africa Democratic Congress, (ADC) has called on all Nigerians to embrace each others and shake brotherly hands in order to move the country forward
Kaduna State Chairman of the Congress, Alhaji Ibrahim Suleiman stated this in his Independence Day massage.
According to him, the logo of the Party is Hand shake and there is no better time for Nigerians to shake hands than now in other to forge ahead.
Suleiman agreed that in the past 58 years the country has witnessed up and down, unfulfilled promises, security challenges and economy recession which had negative impart on the country. He however said it is time to have a rethink and come together to move forward.
He added that Nigerians may have not gotten to the Promised Land, but he assured them that ADC will lead them there by fostering good relationship build on trust.
“Our logo is a hand shake so let’s shake hands and come together to make our country great again
“Let’s shake hands of economic prosperity that will make lives better for all.
“Let’s shake hands of religious tolerance that will create harmony in the country.
“Let’s shake hands of peace and unity that will address the security challenges in the country.
“Let our women, youth and the physically challenged persons shake hands and build a bright future for themselves.
“Let our leaders shake hands and forget their affiliations for the betterment of the people.
“It is time to shake hands to make Nigeria great, and ADC is offering handshakes to all Nigerians on this Independence Day celebration,” he said


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